What's the problem with pc advisor

  nemrutdagi 01 Jan 13

This is my second post and I getting a message that pc advisot think that is SPAM. I'm just asking a question about a program to watch pictures. How many people are getting this annoying message and pc letting some king of program deciding what is a spam. Are you one of them?.

  SillBill 01 Jan 13

What is your question?

  wee eddie 01 Jan 13

Sadly, as I see it, the Site has outgrown the abilities of its Creators.

For all it's failings, it still remains the best of its kind.

  lotvic 01 Jan 13

I think site spam filters had to be upped a bit in last few months due to the amount of true spam (it filled first 2 pages at times) it might be certain words in your post or the link you are trying to post. If you want to post a website address without it becoming a link, remove the http:// at the front so it starts off with www like this www.pcadvisor.co.uk that doesn't make a link, and then people can copy and paste it into browser.

Or another way is to highlight some words in your post and then click on the globe with green arrow and paste the url into the box that pops up. Just make sure you overwrite the http as it only needs one.

  nemrutdagi 01 Jan 13

I didn't use links or web sites. I just asked "there is nay good program to watch Pictures since windows 8 has messed up everything".

  SillBill 01 Jan 13

By Pictures do you mean Videos or Movies?

  lotvic 02 Jan 13

I think VLC from videolan.org would be a good one, it's free and plays almost anything. More info see http://wiki.videolan.org/

  nemrutdagi 04 Jan 13

I have VLC which is very good for movies and video. I refer to watching Photos. Before there was not a problem , now with W* I get a window displaying only 1 photo and doesn't allow me to continue. There is only an arrow on the upper left side to go back to the Pictures Library and then the same process starts again so I want a friendly program to watch pictures.

  Woolwell 04 Jan 13

I think that you mean a slideshow of your photos. Doesn't the Windows 8 Photos App do that?

  lotvic 04 Jan 13

Let the desktop’s Windows Photo Viewer program take over the job, follow these steps:

From the desktop, load the Control Panel.

Right-click the screen’s bottom-left corner and choose Control Panel from the pop-up menu.

When the Control Panel opens, click the Programs category. Click Default Programs and then click Set Your Default Programs.

The Set Default Programs window appears.

From the left pane, click Windows Photo Viewer. Then select Set This Program As Default and click OK.

That tells Windows Photo Viewer to open all of your photos, bypassing the Start screen’s Photos app.

After following these steps, a double-click on a digital photo fetches Windows Photo Viewer. The Start screen’s Pictures app still handles your photo displays when you’re visiting the Start screen. But while you’re on the desktop, the desktop’s Windows Photo Viewer takes over.

Screenshots and more info on: dummies.com

  nemrutdagi 04 Jan 13

Thanks Lotvic. I don't understand why Microsoft has been messing with almost everything. They should improve but not making things confusing. The only positive thing about W8 is that it opens very fast but apart from that I don't find anything better. Next time I but a computer will be Apple. I have had enough of windows.


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