whats the problem with copied ink cartridges?

  fredo3 12:05 14 Feb 04

The shops charge £18 for just a black ink cartridge for my printer yet online I can buy black and all the colour cartridges for £11

Whats the problems I can expect with these copied cartridges (non OEM)and why are they only available online?

  Proxy Worm 12:38 14 Feb 04

There are nothing really wrong with ink cartriges just they dont have the manufactures mark on it. But get the CHIPPED ones as the no-chipped are very cheap but ae usually damged and might not work with your printer. Try to get them from click here they are very good andf would reccomend to anyone.

  Belatucadrus 12:40 14 Feb 04

Many of the non OEM cartridges brands line PCLine & Jettec are easily available on the high street, many suppliers like Choice click here however don't have the distribution network and are set up as perfectly reputable Internet companies.
Most non OEM cartridges are recycled and not brand new like the originals. As to problems with non OEM cartridges, the issue generally appears to be print quality, some brands don't give the colour balance you get with originals. Others are pretty well identical, it's a case of getting a brand you like.
When dealing with one of the Internet suppliers, check the terms page and see what guarantee is offered.

  fredo3 12:45 14 Feb 04

ok thanks guys

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