What's my Bios?

  misters 21:29 10 Apr 03

I know that seems a simple question but i read a lot of these threads about updating your bios, I also know that if it's not broke then dont fix it.

What i really want to know is, how would i check my bios to see what it is and also would updating it improve my machine, or should i just leave it alone?
thanx in advance.

  bloo meeny 21:42 10 Apr 03

click here

Start with the FAQ's but ......

If the PC has no major problems then LEAVE BIOS ALONE !!!
Flashing (changing) a bios can wreck the computer !!!

  Legolas 21:47 10 Apr 03

I would leave well alone, the only reason you might want to flash your BIOS would be if it was needed to perhaps recognize a bigger hard drive or a more powerful processor but flashing your BIOS for the sake of it would not improve the performance of your system.

  misters 21:54 10 Apr 03

So is flashing and upgrading the same thing? If not is it ok to upgrade?

  mikef™ 22:01 10 Apr 03

They are the same, and as the others have said if you have no problem DON'T do it, you could end up with a dead computer. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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