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what's knackered - my monitor or my graphics card

  Ali M 16:30 11 Feb 03

I've got an AMD1.4Ghz PC running XP Home Ed with a XIOD 19" monitor and GF2 Pro Graphics card and recently when i play games on my machine I am getting a small green bar in the middle of the screen which seems to appear and disappear with the Hard drive activity. My suspicion is the graphics card as it only seems to occur when the graphics card is doing something ie. playing games and if i change the resolution the bar moves to a different area of the screen. Any ideas? the bar is broken up so i guess it's a number of pixels that are wrong.

  BrianW 16:39 11 Feb 03

What happens if you change resolution or refresh rate?

  Ali M 16:56 11 Feb 03

If i change to a higher res it moves and becomes smaller, which makes me think it;s the graphics card. changing the refresh rate doesnt make any difference.

  Gongoozler 16:58 11 Feb 03

Ali M, this is purely guesswork, but I think either some of the graphics card memory has developed a fault, or the addressing of that memory is faulty, either way unless it is plug-in memory I think you will need to replace the card.

  BrianW 17:07 11 Feb 03

Maybe a wild goose chase but could it be breakthrough of signal? Check what the IRQ and DMA assignments are - the graphics card should be on its own or only sharing with a PCI controller from memory. If there is a conflict try re-assigning or remove and reload the graphics card. Having said that, I tend to agree with Gongoozler.

  clayton 17:25 11 Feb 03

you could try the monitor on a friends pc ?

  BRYNIT 18:09 11 Feb 03

Have you tried removing and reseating the card

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