Whats it worth?

  rickf 13:27 20 Sep 03

Given a base unit: AMD 1000mhz, 30g 7200 hd, GeForce 4 MX440 graphics, SounBlaster Live 5.1 card,56k modem, 256 Sdram 133, Asus AV7 mobo, DVD drive, CDRW drive, Floppy. Original Eversham beige box. Any ideas? About £100?

  pj123 13:34 20 Sep 03

I'll give you £100 for it, now.

  Wak 14:00 20 Sep 03

I reckon about £250/£300 if it's fairly new but are you selling or just calculating your assets??

  rickf 14:08 20 Sep 03

JUst calculating my assets as you put it but might consider selling. I have just cleaned it up as it was full of dust inside. Nice things can happen. He was just going to throw it away as he had just bought a new comp and it turned out that he couldn't change the graphics and complained that it was stuck and said I could have it if I wanted so I took it home and had a look. There it is, the full story.

  rickf 14:09 20 Sep 03

Oh! Thanks for your valuation.

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