What's happened to signupshield by protecteer?

  charliep 04 Oct 12

I've been using Signupshield password manager with its disposable email addressess for quite some time and found it very useful. But when I renewed my subscription this time and tried to add the new license number, all I get is a message saying "the current user has been revoked". I contacted Protecteer support and got a standard confirmation, but nothing else. Just can't get any where with them. Does anyone have any ideas what has happened with them?

  Forum Editor 04 Oct 12

You've posted this in Speakers Corner, but it really belongs in the Tech Helproom. I'm transferring it to that section now.

  poly_perkins 08 Oct 12

I for one am in the process of ditching Protecteer's Sign up Shield. The main reason is that it still announces that it supports Firefox 3. For Goodness sake protecteer I am using Firefox 15.0.1. Sign up shield will not work with fire fox 15.

I have moved to Keepass Password Safe which is free and does exactly what Sign up Shield does/did.

  charliep 08 Oct 12

It wasn't just the password feature I liked but the disposable emails. It's this function that's not working even tho they've taken my money and sent me a new license number. I can only assume the site is running on auto.

  poly_perkins 08 Oct 12

I had a problem over a year ago when I renewed my license number for the disposable email address, problem was I had already renewed it as a result of a reminder about a month earlier, so I had effectively renewed it twice. Each time I contacted them I was asked to give the serial numbers that appeared in the "help about" of course they were all valid and they just could not or would not understand that I would not need more than one license for this function. They refused to refund me £12.50 and that started the end of my love affair with them. They claim 32,000,000 that's 32 million shipped or downloaded. A lot of money for them to get pickey about £12.50. I too liked the disposable email function but you know Yahoo have the same function if you want to look into it and you might want to investigate keepass too.

  poly_perkins 08 Oct 12

If you paid for the disp email function via paypal you can institute a complaint procedure but if you paid for it by credit card you should contact them and get them to request a refund - It's worth making a nuisance of yourself.

  charliep 12 Oct 12

Thanks Poly_Perkins I might just do that. I can keep the signup feature going as that licence doesn't need renewing, but I've got numerous email addresses I can't manage. Most annoying.


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