What's Happened to my files ?

  JonnieBoy 22:20 PM 11 May 12


Couple of hours ago, was just browsing twitter when my Avast Free antivirus alerted me that a threat had been detected to my PC security.

Had this plenty of times over time and thought nothing more of it, carried on browsing.

Then noticed my desktop and something strange had happened to all my documents.

All excel, word, PDF symbols had disappeared to be replaced by plain white icon and all file names now start "Locked-"

File names are totally nonsensical now too eg

"locked-Car Insurance Docs etc.pdf.rirs"

Excel example -


File types are showing as things like LLRB file, HBRZ file, XXXN File and so on.

It's happened to all my documents, music and most of my bookmarks as well.

Tried a system restore which hasn't done anything to solve problem.

Currently running virus scans but nothing so far.

Any ideas what has happened here and what I can do about it ?

Cheers John

  robin_x 22:35 PM 11 May 12

Recent same infection, I think. Thread and solution.

  JonnieBoy 22:41 PM 11 May 12

OK, thanks for that.

Will see what I can do and report back (probably in the morning now)


  JonnieBoy 00:39 AM 12 May 12


Malwarebytes seems to have dealt with the virus.

However, I've not been able to sort out the issue with the files.

Tried the Dr Web solution as per the link.

Located an excel doc and a PDF I'd emailed to my laptop a couple of weeks ago.

Emailed them back to my PC and saved to desktop.

Selected saved item when prompted to select an unencrypted file, then found same locked / encrypted file from document list.

Got the message "No match between files found. Second file should be like first, just encrypted".

As far as I'm aware they are.

Looks like I'm stuck unless anyone has any more ideas ?

Help !!

  JonnieBoy 00:51 AM 12 May 12

Incidentally, it has also locked up the back-up files which were last backed-up last weekend.

Use a plug-in drive to back-up my files, and so it doesn't look like I can get the files back that way.

Any advice on back-ups going forward would be useful as well I guess.

  john bunyan 09:21 AM 12 May 12

Have a look here:

back up


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