Whats gone wrong? MOBO or graphics card??

  neutronxx 13:48 09 Aug 05

Having returned from a two week holiday I began using my PC again which was fine with web access and digital photos. i loaded a game and the thing crashed - completely froze with looping music although no graphical glitches. this repeated a few times in sucession and i needed to reset.

on the third occasion the Pc refused to to boot at all. nothing. the power light comes on, the disk light comes on for about 20 seconds then goes out and the CPU fan starts but thats all. The light on the MOBO is lit which indicates standby/power according to the manual. the graphics card fan is idle

The following day i played around a little, removed the graphics card, swapped a few power cables and it booted. twice. after an couple of hours it froze and has failed to boot since.

my hunch is either the card is gone or the mobo has because the power works and anything else would be highlighted in the POST boot up sequence. i have had a tempremental keyboard during boot up for quite a while.

450W power supply, ASUS AV8 Deluxe MOBO, 3500 Athlon 64, 1gb mem, GFX5900 AGP card.

has anyone experience something simliar or has any ideas/tell tale signs of failure. i cant swap anything out until the weekend as my spares are in storage

  timeteam2004 16:15 09 Aug 05

All points to Power Supply failing. I had this problem some weeks ago and after changing the power supply, all was sweet again.

  woodchip 16:18 09 Aug 05

Yep PSU gone

  neutronxx 16:23 09 Aug 05

okay, i'll get to my old power supply at the weekend, swap it out and see what happens. will update if i get a result

thanks guys

  neutronxx 09:39 11 Aug 05

swapped out the power supply last night (a new one) and things didnt get better. i managed to get the boot sequence to start but with green vertical lines running down the screen. this lasted a few seconds until the screen flashed black and white with a kind of cheque pattern. it did this twice.

i then swapped the graphics card over with a spare (now this one is old - 3d prophet MXII - that i borrowed from a friend of mine and i cant guarantee what state its in) and got nothing. i replaced my orginal card and now get nothing.

the pc seems to boot without any kind of signal to the monitor although no real hard drive ativity, and after about thirty seconds i get a slightly elongated beep.

help!! this is very frustrating!!!

  Stuartli 10:09 11 Aug 05

Here's a website that lists the beeps errors depending on your Bios producer:

click here

Try disconnecting (via the power plugs) all the drives etc in your system leaving just the graphics card (and then without) and listen to what beeps are provided.

Usually eight or so short and one long beep indicates video problems.

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