Whats going on during start-up?

  Bailey08787 12:31 01 Apr 05


When I boot my pc it goes through the standard screens, but then goes blank for about 2 minutes. Then a white progress bar appears at the bottom, then zips by, and it goes to the Win XP Pro screen - about 30-45 seconds later I reach my XP login screen.

Is there a way I can find out whats going on during startup?

I know what programs get booted (from looking in msconfig), and there's nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

PS - (Please no recommendations to do a fresh install - I hate the way people regard this as an answer to all problems - I've not spent years installing a variety of programs/applications to have them all cleared and have to do again)


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 12:40 01 Apr 05

A white bar looks like it is doing some sort of scan at start up have you got a scan disk scheduled to run on start up may be worth checking scheduled tasks start/all programs/accesories/system tools/ scheduled tasks. or do you have any 3rd party disk checkers installed that may run a preboot scan

  alnwrd 18:11 01 Apr 05

you need to type services.msc at the run prompt to see what else is loading. A good site for checking what can be set to manual or disabled is

click here

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