What's The Cheapest Windows XP Home OEM?

  Gaz W 20:59 06 Sep 04

I need to get a genuine real copy of XP Home OEM to add to a cheap PC. The cheapest I can find XP Pro OEM is £79.99 so I would expect to be able to find Home Edition much cheaper, but I can seem to! Can anyone direct me to a good (online or otherwise) retailer that sells it very cheap?

Obviously I would need to buy some hardware from them - one of the major components obviously, but that wouldn't necessarily be a problem for me.

Also I'm not bothered whether it's got SP2 or not, but it would be a plus.

Thanks in advance,


  Graham ® 21:12 06 Sep 04

£59.99 + £1.50 click here

Or you could try Ebay.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:13 06 Sep 04


click here

  Grouse ® 21:21 06 Sep 04

you could have a look at ebuyer...........

  1514 21:21 06 Sep 04
  Gaz W 21:21 06 Sep 04

Thanks for your suggestions!

Only a penny difference! Looks like £61.48 so far then, but the only problem I see is that it still doesn't seem like much of a saving from £79.99 for XP Pro OEM. On the other hand, for cheaper computers every penny counts, so unless anyone else finds it cheaper £61.48 isn't a bad price, and I get an IDE cable!

  Mister Splendid©®™! 21:34 06 Sep 04

I would be wary of using eBay to buy Windows XP. It is very difficult to tell the genuine from the plethora of forgeries on sale.

  Gaz W 21:38 06 Sep 04

Didn't notice those last two posts!


There must be something dodgy about that site - in fact I've read about sites like that selling so-called OEM software. They sell products that don't even come as OEM products; Adobe PhotoShop as far as I am aware isn't something for OEM products.

Grouse ®,

I have looked on eBuyer but the price on there is nothing special, and it's only SP1a yet.

Shame it's the same story with most of the cheaper ones... I'm not sure if SP2 could be slipstreamed into a new CD legally though...

Anyway thanks again for your help so far.


  Gaz W 21:41 06 Sep 04

To be honest I wasn't considering eBay as an option as this PC isn't for me and I don't want to risk ending up with an illegal copy of Windows. Some of the OEM versions on sale have probably already been used so they wouldn't actually be legal.

OEM Windows copies have to stay with the original PC for its entire life - that is my understanding anyway.

  sidecar sid 21:52 06 Sep 04

Xp home with sp2

click here

  Gaz W 22:45 06 Sep 04

Thanks for that sidecar sid - looks like the best value so far - it'll certainly save downloading SP2.

It looks like the price isn't going to be any lower than £60 inc. VAT, not forgetting delivery.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your contributions. I'll leave this unresolved a bit longer and will tick it tomorrow.

Thanks again,


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