Whats is Blue-ray and diff to HD? Pros and cons?

  avid_gooner 21:31 22 Jul 06

What exactly is blue ray and is it better than hd?

  nigg 21:41 22 Jul 06
  avid_gooner 21:42 22 Jul 06

there no link it dont work

  nigg 21:43 22 Jul 06

try again click here

  nigg 21:46 22 Jul 06

click here also might help.

  Ray5776 21:59 22 Jul 06

What exactly is blue ray and is it better than hd?

It is supposed to be but it is just another marketing ploy, look at the number of postings on this site from those that cannot get their CD`s or DVD`s working properly.

I expect a massive influx of postings here when people start trying blue ray.

realistic Ray.

  woodchip 23:07 22 Jul 06

Blue Ray stores more info on the disc

  lenc 14:11 23 Jul 06

The most important difference may turn out to be:
Sony support BluRay and a player will be built into the PS3. MS plan to offer an HD player as an external add-on to the Xbox360

  Hertz Van Rentyl 18:06 23 Jul 06

I think the first Blu-Ray burners are about $750.00 in the USA, if we ever get them you can imagine the price in £GB. The media costs a lot as well, I think it may take some time before the prices will have reduced enough to encourage people to purchase this technology.

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