Whats the better printer cable?

  soy 21:19 30 Nov 03


Just a quick question, what would be the better connection for a printer speed wise. Parallel or USB?

Becuase of a small niggle with a newly bought printer and the 'Found new hardware' wizard in XP, I'm thinking of trying a parallel cable instead of USB.

I know USB has the benefit of PLug and play but for a printer, I don't think its needed benefit. USB is newer technology than parallel but is it faster?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:23 30 Nov 03

Yes, USB is faster, but unless you are doing a lot of high graphic intensity printing, you will not notice a lot of differenc.

If parallel works, then go with it.

What problems are you having, out of interest? Someone may have an answer here.

  misery 21:24 30 Nov 03

USB is faster without a doubt!

  soy 21:32 30 Nov 03


Thanks for the quick replys!

Diodorus Siculus,

The problem is that Windows XP insists on installing the printer even though I've already installed the printer with its own (HP) driver. I end up with 2 devices recognised by the system. one installed Via the HP software and another installed by Windows.

I thinking of using Parallel becuase I know that the 'Found new hardware' wizard won't pop up with parallel serial.

  Djohn 21:57 30 Nov 03

When using the USB connector, install the software first, then connect the printer to the PC.

Now the important bit, when the "Found new hardware" wizard appears, leave it alone, don't click on it, the software from the printer CD will take care of the install for you.

Remove all reference of your printer and its software from your PC and try again following the above guide. j.

  soy 22:20 30 Nov 03

I have done what you said, I installed software drivers first (Downloaded from HP) and when I connected the printer and switched it on, the Found new hardware' popped up and installed the printer again. leaving me with 2 devices.

  Djohn 22:46 30 Nov 03

Thats strange! I had an HP 7530 printer and on inserting the software driver CD into drive, it would start to install the drivers then a message would come on-screen telling me to connect the printer now, it would then carry on with the install, at the same time taking care of the hardware wizard.

The instructions with the printer made a point of ignoring the wizard, and allowing the HP software to do the install. Do you have the original driver for the printer, and can you use that for the install?

If not, try installing the printer first through the wizard, if this works and leaves you with just the one device, then go into Printer properties and update the driver from there with your download copy. Let us know how you get on. j.

  soy 23:35 30 Nov 03

After much installing, reinstalling, looking at websites, reading FAQ's, I've managed to finally solve the problem.

During the HP install, It froze (as usual) when I selected the option of USB. I brought up the task manager and in the processes list, I noticed an application called 'scrub2k.exe' running the CPU at 100%. I immediatly Ended it and low and behold, the HP driver instal sprang back to life and began to install. It intercepted the 'Found new hardware' wizard when I connected the printer and now I only have 1 device sitting hapily on its own.

I assume that part of the driver install had become corrupted somehow, strange becuase it was happening on both the CD-ROM and downloaded drivers.

Anyway, i'm glad I got it sorted.

Big thanks to all those that helped me.

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