whats better: AMD Athlon or Intel inside?

  GEEKSTA 14:17 24 Oct 06

whats better: AMD Athlon or Intel inside?

  Technotiger 14:23 24 Oct 06

My personal preference is for AMD, usually cheaper and just as good if not better than Intel.


  Jak_1 14:24 24 Oct 06

Prefer AAMD Athlon but its horses for courses really. Both have their merits depending what you use the pc for.

  skeletal 14:26 24 Oct 06

Until the Intel Core Duo I would agree with Technotiger. However, until AMD comes up with their next CPUs, the Core Duos represent the best value for money/speed.

Note, it must be Core Duo, not the other dual core Intels.


  anskyber 14:27 24 Oct 06

Have a play with this tool, its useful for comparing CPUs against different tasks, eg multitasking or games. Choose CPUs and comparator, have fun.click here

  wee eddie 15:13 24 Oct 06

Technotiger is correct up-to and until the latest Intel offering.

skeletal is also right.

However, unless you are working at the very cutting edge of Video Editing and Music Mixing you are unlikely to notice the difference. Even, most, gamers are unlikely to notice.

  terryf 15:16 24 Oct 06

In other words, how long is a piece of string, I have 2 machines, one amd, one intel and they wok equally as well for me

  GEEKSTA 21:29 24 Oct 06

i have got AMD so im just comparing.

  sean-278262 21:35 24 Oct 06

It as they have all said above is very much of a muchness. If you are looking at the bargain basement end then compared to the equivalent offerings by intel an AMD will prove better overall but when you start to talk about more expensive machines with the dual core offerings intel kills outright (shamefully). Im a backer of the underdog.

  wjrt 21:40 24 Oct 06

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more info

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