What's the best video to dvd program ?

  buckeye 20:18 04 Dec 05

I am running XP Pro. 2ghz processor.80gb hard drive, 760 ddr ram. i purchased magix movie edit pro 2005 and surely there must be a quicker way to transfer video to dvd. E.G. after i have captured the video it takes me 6 hours to get it burned to disc, this is for 1hour 15mins of tape captured...am i doing something wrong or is the software just not good?

  Al94 20:22 04 Dec 05

I bought a Cyberhome DVD recorder from local Asda, approx £68. It will copy a 1 hour 15 minute tape in 1 hour 15 minutes!! I gave up on transferring from tape to DVD via PC because of the processing times using Nero or Pinnacle or any of them! Literally took hours before, now dead simple.

  buckeye 09:25 05 Dec 05

I will be getting a DVD recorder before Xmas to replace Video...will give it a go..although I must say that the Magix movie edit pro is good for editing your films , adding music etc etc etc many thanks.

  stlucia 13:36 05 Dec 05

If you're starting off with full-quality video from a DV camera, 6 hours to convert 75 minutes to MPEG2 and transfer to DVD sounds about right.

If you're transferring VHS to DVD, then a DVD recorder is the best bet these days.

  pj123 14:00 05 Dec 05

No, you're not doing anything wrong. That is the time it takes.

As above I also have a DVD recorder Liteon 5005 standalone recorder and it copies VHS/Beta tapes in real time. The only snag with this is that you cannot edit it afterwards. I usually play the tape through and note the times of anything I don't want on the DVD and then press the pause key at those times when recording.

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