Whats the best Peer2Peer network to use?

  Mad Boy 20:29 17 Jan 03
  Mad Boy 20:29 17 Jan 03

Firstly are they safe to use?
Many years ago when Napster was the main program to use, that closed down and new ones where introduced. A few days within using the new programs i always seem to find that it comes bundled with Spyware, And adaware etc. For instances after napster closed i began using winmx and audiogalaxy. They were fine but had slow servers. I then switched onto morpheus. The name "CYDOOR" came up inside my adaware detector file. 4 Months along the line (I SUCCSEFULLY GOT RID OF IT EARLIER) i discover its back! i posted on this forum and some noted and gave me a link about various peer2peer networks that include spyware as such.Kazaa,Winmx,NeoNapster,Morpheus you name it, it includes it! Besides that, Whats the bestest, and safest to use?


  Mad Boy 20:34 17 Jan 03

By the way folks, CYDOOR still exists on my PC!

i have searched throught the registry, cant find it, used various adaware removal programs, Wont go. Its not a virus neither, or if it is mcafee or norton isnt detecting it!

It exists in my Msconfig load up bar (unticked) and appears on my CTRL+ALT+DELETE menu.


  leo49 20:36 17 Jan 03

P2P for what purpose?

  Mad Boy 20:38 17 Jan 03

Music, Videos etc

  leo49 20:41 17 Jan 03


  Mad Boy 20:42 17 Jan 03


  Terrahawk 20:43 17 Jan 03

hmm ever heard of copyrights

  Mad Boy 20:47 17 Jan 03

Its fine isnt it, Well....i was advised from this forum to use them!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:48 17 Jan 03

OK, I'll be fair. It is ILLEGAL to download copyright material. There is NO argument. However when you use a P2P system your computer is totally open as you have given outsiders permission to d/l or upload and no firewall will stop this. Your AV may stop a virus but including them tagged, in MP3s, is a good way of hiding them;-). If you get a trojan or virus from P2P I'm afraid you will get no help here.

The old excuse about people using P2P to transfer files is naff as email can do this faster and more effectively.


  Mad Boy 20:50 17 Jan 03

ok then

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