Whats the best free video editing software for windows 8 ?

  barryg84 17 Feb 13

Hi all i need a good video editing software for windows 8 64 bit is there anything good out there better than windows movie maker? im going to be making slideshows , changing colour on video adding songs , text etc hope someone can help thanks in advance

  Terry Brown 18 Feb 13

To do what you are asking, will require more facilities than any free software (That I know of) has.

Personally I use Pinnacle 12 - Old now but it does what I need it to, however "Changing colour on video", I think will require a professional /semi-profession package.


  Secret-Squirrel 18 Feb 13

" is there anything good out there better than windows movie maker?"

Barry, I've just had a quick look at Windows Live Movie Maker and it would appear to suit your requirements. You can download it from here.

  benlinus 01 Apr 13

VirtualDub – is a video capture and processing utility designed for frame capture of video files only. It is the best at processing AVI files and can only read but not write MPEG-1 formats. It also does not possess advanced editing capabilities like Adobe Premiere Pro. Overall, this app is not as good as EZVID again because of its very limited functionality – we are looking for app right now that can almost do a variety of tasks in one software we call an “all-in-one” app pack.

  Lazarus The 2nd 01 Apr 13

Spam by benlinus

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  altarvic 19 Jun 13

Almost all free video editors are garbage... except Blender :) Recently I switched to AVS video editor and happy about it!

  Woolwell 19 Jun 13

This MoviePlus Starter will not do all that you require eg changing colour unless you mean transitions but is a reasonable starter package.

  lotvic 19 Jun 13

Definitely SPAM from altarvic

FE Informed

  altarvic 20 Jun 13

ok, Windows Movie Maker is the best of the best! Is this spam?

  altarvic 20 Jun 13

  lotvic 20 Jun 13

altarvic, don't play at silly beggers.

You join forum and your post Yesterday at 7:26PM is your first post and contains a link to a program to purchase. You cannot be serious attempting to suggest that your advice should be trusted.


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