What's being downloaded?

  TN 13 Jun 11

Yesterday and to-day I have been receiving continuous downloads which I have been stopping by disconnecting from the Internet. As soon as I reconnect the download starts again! I have Comodo firewall installed and it is active but is there any method that a download can be identified? I am running Windows 7 professional and Opera as my browser. I have stacks of room on my hard disk but there are no new programmes being installed or showing on my programme list. This has only happened previously when a Windows Update was being downloaded but I've never had one that took days to down load - the download speed is around 900 kbps. Any help or advise would be appreciated as I am fed up disconnecting and reconnecting especially when it has no effect.

  buteman 13 Jun 11

It could be a big update for your AntiVirus program.

Have you tried Taskmanager .processes.And under CPU it will tell you what programs are using up the CPU.

If nothing running System idle process should show about 96% if anything else let us know what.

  buteman 13 Jun 11

You have Comodo firewall installed what Anti-virus and what anti-malware programs have you got.

  TN 13 Jun 11

Thanks buteman - there are no big items in task manager - just a few small ones which I recognize. The anti-virus is also comodo (Internet security suite). The ant virus could not be going on as long as this - a few days ago I got a download of SP1 for |Windows 7 and it only took an hour or so to download. as this is now into its second day, even allowing for my disconnections etc., I have no idea what on earth it could be!

  buteman 13 Jun 11

I got a download of SP1 for |Windows 7.

Normally that will install on shut down and finish when you boot up the computer, If it is that svchost.exe would be showing up using a lot of the CPU in Task Manager.

It took me ages updating SP1 so it may be that.

No security suite will stop everything so maybe give MalwareBytes free version a run just to make sure your computer is clean.


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