whats 1080HD Ready in a nutshell??

  GEEKSTA 23:37 19 Mar 08

looking for a hd tv, but ive seen a new thing called 1080HD.?

Whats the difference between 1080hd ready and the normal HD tv in a nutshell??


  sunny staines 23:41 19 Mar 08

1080 is the better as opposed around 750 that cheaper ones sell for.

  gazzaho 00:31 20 Mar 08

1080 is a higher resolution than 750; it's like setting your PC monitor to 1440x900 instead of 1024x768, usually only really needed for larger screen sizes perhaps 40" or more (the larger the screen size the greater the benefit). 1080p is preferable to 1080i as the "i" stands for interleave which some people can detect as a flicker on the screen, especially when fast moving pictures are displayed.

I'm no expert that's my layman’s explanation.

  MCE2K5 00:40 20 Mar 08
  johnnyrocker 08:43 20 Mar 08

two vwery good articles


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