What is "WUXAT.EXE"

  trokies 00:39 26 Mar 04

I have recently installed zone Alarm and am now getting a message saying that WUXAT.exe wants to access the intrenet. I'm not sure what programme this is?
Can anyone advise me please

  Gandalph 01:05 26 Mar 04

I've had a look on Google and it has drawn a blank on that one. I will have a look at a few sites and if I can find anything I will post back.

  trokies 01:22 26 Mar 04

thankyou Gandalph,
Hope you can help

  User-312386 01:46 26 Mar 04

looked everywhere for that and cant find it

you sure you spelled it correctly?

  SANTOS7 01:52 26 Mar 04

wuxat:: {C} slotsom; ef ejelife ef ~: tot de slotsom komen.In one of those what do i do next moments i have come up with this the only problem is i don't speak norwegian

  SANTOS7 01:57 26 Mar 04

my theory is that if it is scandinavian or such
and you found it in zonealarm it may well be some sort of porn link

  kimjhon 04:17 26 Mar 04

On the programmes tab of ZA, if you hover the mouse
you shgould see info. - inc the address of the file in Explorer ?

  trokies 12:36 26 Mar 04

Thanks Guys for taking the time and trouble to help. There are other several strange things happening now such as No System restore and option tab will not give me access.
I intend to do a clean reinstall of windows to make sure that is has been remove.
Thanks again

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