What is Windows Live Essentials?

  Halmer 22:16 08 Apr 09

This is being offered as an optional Vista upate and is huge.

Is it worth having?

  MAT ALAN 22:26 08 Apr 09

click here

this is what it is...

is it worth having?, only you can know that...

  peter99co 22:27 08 Apr 09

If you click on show details of the update it is some things you may have already. Photo Gallery and Movie maker etc. It is optional and can be hidden if you choose not to install. Some good and so it is worth looking at what is on offer.

  tullie 22:29 08 Apr 09

Its not that big and you can just install the bits you want.

  Halmer 14:32 10 Apr 09

170 mb not big?

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