What is "Web Connects"

  MuDelta 12:34 22 Aug 07

I have just had an email from "Web Connects" giving my account number, user ID and password. I have not been in contact with them; in fact I have never heard of such an organization. I suspect something rotten here. What does anyone know?

AVG showed no known viruses.


  Kate B 12:37 22 Aug 07

Your details for what - a subscription with them? Or for something else?

  MuDelta 12:51 22 Aug 07

Hello Kate B,

Apparently I have joined it but it is news to me!


  Kate B 13:23 22 Aug 07

does it want money from you? If not, just delete it and forget it. It sounds as though it's some kind of phishing exercise.

  MuDelta 15:08 22 Aug 07

Kate B,

No money; I agree it is probably pishing. I just wondered if anyone knew of it.


  MuDelta 18:36 23 Aug 07

It probably is pishing; obviously no-one seems to have heard of it. I have deleted it. "Resolved".

  bluto1 19:24 23 Aug 07
  iFred 10:04 24 Aug 07

Web Connects don't exist.
The link point to a click here address.
There is no web site.

If you receive this message, don't anwer it :

Welcome To Web Connects.

User Number: 744568625
Login ID: user2626
Password ID: zg894

For security purposes please login and change the temporary Login ID and Password.

Click on the secure link or paste it to your browser: Web Connects

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Web Connects"

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