what is the use of tags

  johnnyrocker 13:33 PM 29 Feb 12

when they are not available to search by etc?

  wiz-king 16:34 PM 29 Feb 12

If you click on a tag it automatically goes into search mode for that tag word on any other posts.

eg. Your tag 'they' brings up two other posts.

what is the use of tags johnnyrocker

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  johnnyrocker 16:41 PM 29 Feb 12

you may be being confused by my question, it is not regarding tagging on a person, it is re that required at the bottom of a posting.


  Woolwell 16:59 PM 29 Feb 12

See wiz-king's first sentence. Try clicking on a tag.

  Woolwell 17:00 PM 29 Feb 12

Perhaps it is easier to say that it groups similar subjects together (tags threads).

  johnnyrocker 19:39 PM 29 Feb 12

clearly explained and my thanks to those with the patience


  pollostar 07:08 AM 01 Mar 12

Tags provide a useful way to group related posts together and to quickly tell readers what a post is about.Tags also make it easier for people to find your content.

  finerty 13:53 PM 01 Mar 12

well lets get tagging


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