what use is this cable?

  gengiscant 13:53 28 Jul 10

I have been having a sort out of the various boxes of PC parts and cables and came accross one that I am having difficulty in identifying.

THe cable has printed on it. Display port E124936-G, made by Foxconn, 80c, 30v. The connections at each end are similar to Esata.

Is it any use? Where would I use it?

  keef66 14:46 28 Jul 10

Isn't Display Port the Apple version of HDMI?

  onthelimit 15:13 28 Jul 10

If you have a hole it fits in, it's useful.

If you haven't, it isn't!

  northumbria61 15:17 28 Jul 10

Foxconn 11in SATA Cable - Foxconn AWM 2725 Serial ATA 11in Cable NEW E124936-D (E124936-D)

  northumbria61 15:19 28 Jul 10

Good site for Identifying what you don't know -
click here

  northumbria61 15:35 28 Jul 10

Omitted LINK to my 1st bit - click here

  lotvic 16:14 28 Jul 10

you are a font of knowledge, I can now start trying to identify my box of 'don't know' cables etc :)
Thank you for the link

  gengiscant 16:51 28 Jul 10

I put Display port into Google and got this click here so thanks for the pointer.


In the future I might have the requisit hole,who knows?

  onthelimit 16:55 28 Jul 10

Who indeed!

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