What turntable ?

  curlylad 21:15 12 Feb 04

I want to start recording my old vinyl LP's onto CD.I have the software , but the turntable on my Hi-Fi doesn't have the correct ports at the rear to connect it to the PC.So my problem is that I need to buy a turntable with a pre-amp that has the correct leads/ports for me to connect to my PC , where can I buy one and can anyone suggest models to me perhaps specifically for this purpose.Also do I need any other hardware for this or will the turntable be all I need , have we got a music buff in the house who can help , much appreciated in advance people.

  A Cat Called George 21:26 12 Feb 04

I think you will need to buy both a turntable and an amplifier. The amplifier will be essential to provide a usable output to your pc.

  sicknote 21:32 12 Feb 04

I think this might do the job if i understand problem correctly it's a Stereo Phono Pre-Amplifier available from click here :model QM51F £24.99

  curlylad 21:33 12 Feb 04

I think that most turntables come with a built in pre-amp which is sufficient for the purpose that I require (or so I have been told).Do you know of an outlet that could help as they sort of scratched their collective heads a bit when I asked in PC World yesterday ?

  sicknote 21:40 12 Feb 04

Sorry wrong link above click here

  johnnyrocker 21:44 12 Feb 04

surely your hi fi output goes to your line in on sound card?


  curlylad 21:50 12 Feb 04

You beat me to it , I was just about to purchase a sword umbrella from your link , lovely as it may be , useful as well , I don't think it would quite substitute for my requirements(lol).Any road 'round I got your drift any how and found the item from your product code , excellent just what I need , thanks all who helped !

  Terry Brown 22:02 12 Feb 04

If you have an Headphone socket, that will do, otherwise you can splice a lead into the speaker outputs (do you ahve seperate speakers ?). What software are you uising ?

  interzone55 22:03 12 Feb 04

The output from most turntables is far too low to record from without a pre-amp.

Now depending on budget you can get yourself any old separate turntable & a phono pre-amp. Or you can get yourself a Project Debut Phono SB click here for about £170.

I have one & it's highly suitable for the job.


  spud 22:11 12 Feb 04

I have recorded my old vinyl onto tape, and then connected portable tape player via headphone socket, to line in on soundcard.Works a treat for me.

  DieSse 22:31 12 Feb 04

The advice above to get a pre-amp, or use the line out from anexisting amp is correct.

You have been badly mis-informed by whoever told you that most turntables come with a pre-amp - they surely don't, as their output is quite wrong (too low, and unequalised (not level across the frequency range)) to be fed to anything other than a proper pre-amp/equaliser.

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