What is Torrent ?

  tonyq 10:54 06 Jul 08

I keep seeing references to a "Torrent site" or "u torrent" ect in postings on the web. Can someone enlighten me in simple terms what "torrent" is all about.

  jimv7 11:02 06 Jul 08

Google for it, click here=

Basically, a means of file sharing.

  crosstrainer 11:05 06 Jul 08

Torrent sites (a few are quite legal) are as far as I'm concerned a recipe for virus infections, identity theft and more.

They allow the user access to downloads of films, music etc. Software such as Limewire and other incarnations is often used. You are then using a "Peer to peer" network...In simple terms, others have access to your music, files and folders, and can download from your PC when it's on.

My advice is to steer well clear of such stuff.

  AL47 12:17 06 Jul 08

excellent, thats what they are

  DieSse 13:44 06 Jul 08

Torrents are simply a method of file sharing aimed at larger downloads. You get bits of the file from many places, which are reassembled in your system by the torrent software.

Others only have access to the files in your system which you wish them to have access to (via a setting in the torrent software.)

Many large software distributions are via torrents - notably Linux distributions. This is 100% acceptable and safe.

The times to worry about torrent downloads are the same as for any download - places where you may pick up virus or malware infested files. This is the same for any type of download from anywhere - make sure you only pick up legitimate files, and make sure you have a good AV program.

  Joe R 15:04 06 Jul 08


they can also be used to transfer large files, to friends, relatives etc, who may live a large distance away.
I regularly send and receive family videos of special occasions etc, to and from Australia, in this way.

  tonyq 19:41 06 Jul 08

thank you all for the explanations,if by chance I do need to use a Torrent which are the safe sites (if there are any such things).

  DieSse 20:03 06 Jul 08

It's not so much the safe sites - it's what you're getting. Torrents are distributed directly from users. They come via a "tracking site" which literally keeps track for you of the users who are on-line and making the file available (seeders) to you.

If you are getting a Linux distribution, via torrent, from the supplier, or via DistroWatch - you can be sure the file you get is hunky-dory. Legitimate torrents normally come with a checksum file, which checks that the download has been done without corruption.

  AL47 20:21 06 Jul 08

the one i use to download torrents is called bittorrent

it allows me too choose which files i wnat from an indivdual torrent, i dont download zipped files,

be careful

  User-994545 20:34 06 Jul 08

bit torrent sharing of most music and film ,that's copywriten is illeagle
if your ISP is Virgin Media they're sending threat of prosecution letters out,telling them they are keeping an eye on then

  Dopeman 20:45 06 Jul 08

utorrent, bittorrent, azureas, bitlord etc. these programs are all called 'bittorrent clients' - don't get confused with a 'bittorrent client' and bittorrent like i did at first. Some dowload sites - sourceforge.com is the only one i know of, will offer you a choice of method of downloading - for lack of a better word, 'torrenting' is one of these options. 'Torrenting' is not illegal - i think it's a common misconception that it is because 99% of the stuff downloaded through 'torrenting' should be paid for.

If you do wish to download through torrents heed the above posts - there are some viruses about.


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