what is a surge protector?

  erkmatrix 10:06 14 Sep 06

It may seem like a stupid question but is this just a extension plug of 5 metres that just is saver when it lightens but you can still plug things into it.

click here=


  johnnyrocker 10:09 14 Sep 06

basically it is designed to protect equipment from dangerous spikes that can occur in the mains supply from time to time.


  Jackcoms 10:11 14 Sep 06

A surge protector is to protect your PC (or whatever is plugged into it) from damage by electrical surges or 'spikes'.

  terryf 10:20 14 Sep 06

A better but more expensive alternative is a UPS (uninteruptable power supply)

  erkmatrix 10:28 14 Sep 06

yeah but is it also for your plugs that has a 5 metre extension cable , or does the surge protector fit over an extension 4 plug

  cowboy62 11:25 14 Sep 06

a surge protection socket is a normal socket ie 4,6, 10, gang it dont matter how many sockets it there to protect ur equipment from sudden surges of electricity

  Belatucadrus 11:44 14 Sep 06

Though you can get single plug surge adaptors, not much point though as the multi socket ones cost much the same.
May be worth spending a bit more on one with modem protection as well.

  erkmatrix 13:21 14 Sep 06

sorry i still don't get it, is it also used as an extension adapter like one of these

click here

or something different

  Jackcoms 13:24 14 Sep 06

Yes, it's an extension lead with the added 'convenience' of surge protection.

  Totally-braindead 13:25 14 Sep 06

The link you provided a post to is a standard extension lead, surge protected ones can come in the same design but they are designed to prevent surges in electricity from destroying electronic equipment. Something like this click here

  wee eddie 17:56 14 Sep 06

although we have an AC supply in the UK, that supply is not always consistent.

There are, very occasionally, surges or spikes in the current which can damage the sensitive parts of your PC or modem.

Therefor most of us, I believe, have something along these lines between our PC and the Mains. These ones, Belkin, carry a guarantee that if such a surge damages your equipment, their Insurance will cover you. This does not cover direct Lightning Strikes!

click here

It's money well spent, but if you try plugging a heater into it, you will blow the protection.

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