What is spoofing? (Not a problem)

  Fateful Shadow 17:53 11 Oct 05

As the thread title suggests, what is spoofing?

I've heard a few people at college talk about it and all I can get from what I heard is that it's like being an impostor or something?

Isn't this illegal, or couldn't you get caught easily?

Thanks :)

  gudgulf 17:57 11 Oct 05

Have a look at click here

  Fateful Shadow 18:06 11 Oct 05

So what if (this could get complicated!) someone visited a site that spoofed another site to gain information unknowingly? Would the user who inadvertantly spoofed another site be caught, or would it be the spoofer's fault (argh...too much spoof!)

I ask this out of curiosity, as I've always been interested in computers and security and stuff like that. May go on to do it at Uni. Any info would be helpful...if you can understand me that is!

Thanks for the site gudgulf :)

  mattyc_92 18:08 11 Oct 05

My head hurts....

  Fateful Shadow 18:13 11 Oct 05

Maybe a really bad diagram would help??

A <-----> B <-----> C

A: The person finding info

B: The spoofing site

C: The spoofed site

So who would be 'liable?' A, for accessing C through B, or B because it's doing the spoofing?

  Fateful Shadow 18:34 11 Oct 05

...have I baffled you all?! :P

  Methedrine 19:12 11 Oct 05

Baffled me!!! I just wish there was something wrong with your PC that we could help with. LOL.

  mattyc_92 19:19 11 Oct 05

" So who would be 'liable?' A, for accessing C through B, or B because it's doing the spoofing?"

erm..... d....... I have a headache.... But get what you mean.....

  josie mayhem 19:34 11 Oct 05

The only spoofing that I know isn't anything to do with computing! But with drinking..

And it goes like this; a group of people stand in a circle (any amount) you have the maxium of 3 coins in your hands. You put your hands behind your back, and select has many or none of your coins, then every one holds one hand out in front of them. (with or without coins in them) then in turn you shout out how many coins in total the group has. then every-one opens there hand to show if and how many coins they have in there hand. The persons who guesses correctly drops out there prize a free drink, this carries on until there one person left in, and that persons pays for the round....

Makes for a either a cheap or a very expensive night out..

  VoG II 19:35 11 Oct 05

Sounds like my kind of spoofing, josie mayhem ;o)

  Methedrine 19:36 11 Oct 05

Your nights out must be a riot. I wanna come next time!

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