what is SjyPkt.sys

  rum98 04:46 15 Jun 07

a new service named SjyPkt.sys attempts to install in my desktop computer using the path C:\windows\system32\drivers\sjyPkt.sys. Can anyone tell me if this a virus or spyware program?

  ambra4 05:07 15 Jun 07

Spyware program

  rum98 05:19 15 Jun 07


Thanks. How do I block it from installing?

  brundle 06:43 15 Jun 07

Do you have a wireless card? More info on your system would have been helpful. sjypct shows up in many HijackThis logs when googled but that doesn't neccessarily mean it's bad.
This first google link is inconclusive. click here

  brundle 06:47 15 Jun 07

SjyPkt Windows (R) 2000 DDK provider

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