What should bios show for extra memory install

  paul-271769 19:25 20 Jul 05

i have just installed an extra 512 meg of ddr400 ram in my gigabyte ga 700 pro 2 m/b . I installed the ram in the 3rd spare bank to give me the dual channel option .My question is should the bios show 512 meg or 1024 meg of ram ,as it is only showing 512 meg and do i have to do anything in the bios to enable the dual channel function

  DieSse 19:33 20 Jul 05

Can you please define what RAM you have in which slots, as the "third spare bank" in not a very clear explanation (to me, anyway)

  paul-271769 19:39 20 Jul 05

Hi ,the first 512 stick is in the channel A dimm slot 1 and the second stick is in the channel B dimm slot 3 .Both these slots are coloured orange .The sticks are both kingston 512 meg pc3200 ddr 400 value ram

  DieSse 19:52 20 Jul 05

Then your system should show iGb of RAM, and should automatically operate in Dual-channel mode.

Explained in the manual click here

Note - a long download.

If you new RAM stick ins't showing

It may be faulty - try each stick individually in turn

It may not be fitted correctly - take it out and make sure it clicks fully home at each end

NOTE - you must have the power off at the mains when you move RAM around - if just powered down you will have power on the motherboard and may well damage the RAM. There's a light on the motherboard that tells you if power is still there.

  DieSse 19:53 20 Jul 05

sorry iGB should read 1GB, of course

  paul-271769 20:32 20 Jul 05

HI think i found the problem the pc will not boot with just the new stick of ram in by itself .It is seated correctley but the bios just gives a series of beeps 1 long 1 short .Ithink the mem module may be faulty

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