What shop told me about SP3 & a OS install query!!

  gazmix 14:27 09 Aug 09

So i been having issues with sound. No sound online or XP noises etc, only sounds are in messenger & WMP files.! I tried everything.

I recently did Microsoft upfates including SP3 & this coincides with my sound prob.

I asked the guy in pc shop where i bought my pc from ages ago & he said that Microsoft can check out my pc via updates & mess it up so i upgrade!! & that SP3 being installed has done this!

I tried to uninstall SP3 with devastating consequences, realy damaging my registry, but luckily had a backup on a stick!

Could this be true?

He said that a clean install of XP with SP2 would work.
He said it would cost £39 or he could just give me a disk & i could do it. Is this hard to do?
He said i'd need to know which drivers to download!!
Wouldn't i just need to format the pc & insert the disk?


  wiz-king 14:40 09 Aug 09

You may need the drivers for the sound card if you have deleted them, also for any other things that may have got deleted.

  lotvic 15:48 09 Aug 09

Considering your chequered history with this pc:

If he is willing to put it to rights for £39 - Pay the man at the shop - but also for that get the XP disk that he offers and on another CD the motherboard drivers.
Both are needed for a reinstall.
You will then be able to do it yourself in the future if you need to.

Ask him if he will also put SP3 on properly for you.

  gazmix 15:59 09 Aug 09

I will, do you not think Auto updates installed it properly & do you think his theory is correct? I think its a little conspiracy theory!!

  lotvic 16:49 09 Aug 09

SP3 has been problematic for some to install, others have had no problem.
That is why I say to get the man at the shop to do it, then if it goes difficult for him he will put it right.
You will also then know that you have a proper (OEM) install that is right up to date.
The SP3 can also be put on a CD as it is a free download ISO file (that you burn to a CD) from Microsoft.

He may also be able to do a File and Settings transfer for you.
Make sure you discuss with him exactly what you are expecting him to put on. You need to have XP activated and validated.

  gazmix 17:32 09 Aug 09

He said that i actually pay for the license key & not the product, thats why he can give me the cd to do myself which i don't think i'm gonna do!

He just kept telling me to just have SP2 on the machine as 3 is kind of an invasion of privacy & more or less said that Microsoft have messed my sound up, so i'd upgrade to vista or something. Thats why its impossible to uninstall & shouldn't go near SP3.

Yeh, i'll get him to do it, then i have a guarantee.

  woodchip 17:46 09 Aug 09

Why did you not do a Restore to before you loaded it, as Updates Create a Restore Point so you can revert it, if it does not go according to plan

  gazmix 17:51 09 Aug 09

maybe i should have, there aren't any i can see if they were automatically done when installation was in process!

  woodchip 17:52 09 Aug 09

they should be bold dates

  gazmix 17:57 09 Aug 09

nope, there's none there in System Restore to before that date. I'll just have to do a clean install & get the guy to do what he thinks!

He says that it will definately sort my sound issue out & is quicker & cheaper than finding out what the sound issue is & curing it!! I'd have to ask him to test the sound to make sure 1st!!

  woodchip 18:01 09 Aug 09

If you have a Full Operating System CD not a Restore CD you could do a Repair, Start with CD choose setup, it will check the hard drive for a operating system and ask if you want to repair it, click R.

Do not choose Recovery Console

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