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What is sending emails without my knowledge?

  rasalom 22:16 03 Jan 04

have just opened up outlook express and have received 3 'mail delivery failed: message returned to sender' messages. I did not send any of these messages and the opening line of the returned message states that 'This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.'

two of the messages state that this email has an 'Unrouteable address' whilst the third states that 'This message has been rejected because it has an apparently executable attachment demo.exe'

What program is sending these messages?

The opening lines of these 3 messages (which all seem the same to me) start with several lines of mostly capital A's, then it turns into a mixture of random letters and numbers.

I updated both my anti virus software and my trojan detection software last night, and ran them both of them after the updates were completed and found nothing on my system.

the time that these emails were sent is after i had done the updates and ran their programs. So what is sending these messages? I don't even know the people that thses messages are being sent to?

Any help or advice that any of you could give would be greatly appreciated.

  MAJ 22:43 03 Jan 04

It's probably a mass-mailing virus that someone who has your email address in their Address Book, has contracted. It will use your (or other random)email address in the from line of the email and send itself to other addresses in the adresses book.

  rasalom 23:15 03 Jan 04

So is there anyway I can stop this, or find out who has this mass mailing virus on their computer?

  jolorna 23:32 03 Jan 04

its just a ploy to get you to read them

  DieSse 00:23 04 Jan 04

"So is there anyway I can stop this, or find out who has this mass mailing virus on their computer?"

If this is the case, no, you can't do anything. Delete them and ignore them.

  rsturbo 00:42 04 Jan 04

zonealarm pro, bhodemon, msconfig, mike lins startup manager, ctrl alt del. if you need to know what each of these does, repost or email me

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