What security programs for laptop?

  exdragon 14 Apr 11

Hi - I've just bought a new laptop which has a pre-installed 60 day free trial of Norton plus a free copy of McAfee Internet Security 2011.

What would you recommend - keep the trial then install McAfee, throw both away immediately and install MSE and Zonealarm or none of these options and go for something else?

  mgmcc 14 Apr 11

Personally, I'd bin Norton and McAfee and go with MSE, which I use with my Win7 PC and Laptop. I just use Windows' firewall which is much improved from the original XP offering. I used to be a big fan of Zone Alarm but it's not the simple efficient little application it used to be.

  buteman 14 Apr 11

I would agree with mgmcc I would remove Norton and McAfee and maybe use MSE instead. I am not a big fan of MSE although I have used it.But plenty of freebies to choose from. You need something to go with your anti-virus and I would go for an pay for anti-malware program that gives full time protection. As far as I know it is a one off payment so would work out the cheapest. If you decide to remove Norton and mcAfee make sure you download the proper removal tools or parts of them can stay on your computer and cause problems at a later stage.

  spuds 14 Apr 11

Avast, ZoneAlarm or Microsoft, C Cleaner, Malwarebytes are perhaps the only things you need, and all are free to use.

I also use Iobit 360 and McAfee security for the occasional scan, both also free to use.

  robin_x 14 Apr 11

Also consider following additions (none clash with existing or each other) (McAfee or Norton may have some of these functions if you keep one of them)

UAC User Access Control on maximum WOT Browser add-on link text WinPatrol link text MVPS HOSTS link text Add-Block browser add-on

It is also recommended your main login User Account does not have full admin rights.

DO make full set of system recovery DVDs and a boot CD. Consider making a System Image to external drive when all setup and regularly thereafter.

  robin_x 14 Apr 11

Sorry about the layout above. I blame PCA

  woodchip 14 Apr 11

I removed free AV's on my PCs But run Free Avast and never have any Problems.

PS Laptops are no Different to Desktops. They run the same security as they face the same problems.

I also have the Windows Firewall turned on and the one that's built into my router

  ashleycardwell94 14 Apr 11

I use MSE on my netbook as it uses low cpu and memory. unlike others i have tried in the past that made my netbook laggy, same with my laptop.

  sunnystaines 14 Apr 11

on our laptop running xp

we have norton security 2011 spywareblaster SAS & MBAM free versions

  exdragon 14 Apr 11

Thank you for the replies so far - seems everyone has their own favourites!

  Woolwell 14 Apr 11

IMO McAfee isn't as good as Norton. That may help when deciding which of the paid ones to choose.


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