What is RdxIE?

  Wes Tam ;-) 16:11 07 Feb 03

I recently deleted a file named 'RdxIE module' from my Downloaded Files folder with, so far, no ensuing problems.

In my registry their are many references to RdxIE.

Q1 - Can I safely remove these?

I've searched the web and I think I've identified RdxIE as something to do with uninstalling individual programs, ie each program has it's own RdxIE.

Q2 - Am I correct?

  bvw in bristol 19:01 07 Feb 03

I expect many have looked at your thread Wes Tam ;-) and like me don't know the answer.

This will "bump" you up the page at least :o)

Good luck.

  powerless 19:06 07 Feb 03

From what i found RdxIE has to do with Realplayer.

If you have RP installed leave alone.

  spikeychris 19:11 07 Feb 03

Agree its associated with RP but it's also used with macromedia.

  Wes Tam ;-) 19:36 07 Feb 03

bvw in bristol - thanks for the 'bump'.

Powerless - yes I also found that, which worried me as I have Rplayer installed, but then as spikeychris is saying it seems to be associated with other programs which prompted my Q2 - if I've deleted a program can I remove it's RdxIE from the registry? (if each program has it's own).

I hope the question makes sense.

  spikeychris 19:52 07 Feb 03

Have you used Grokster?

  Wes Tam ;-) 20:02 07 Feb 03

spikeychris, I've never heard of it.

  spikeychris 20:08 07 Feb 03

Ive no reference at all in the registry concerning "RdxIE". What are the keys?

  Wes Tam ;-) 20:40 07 Feb 03

spikeychris I've one-by-one been deleting the entries from the registry to see the impact. I'm now left with entries against values 000 and 004.

  Wes Tam ;-) 21:11 07 Feb 03

Sorry spikeychris I'm not au fait with the registry. Looking again those values are from:

Internet Explorer
Explorer Bars

  spikeychris 21:28 07 Feb 03

Without looking on-line at the keys, MRU are "Most recently used" so I would watch I where to delete..

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