What program can i install to play ALL region DVDs

  mikeymikeyuk 13:26 10 Apr 08

Does anyone know what program i can install to play ALL region DVD's on my laptop?
I have a new Laptop with Windows Vista.
Is there a good program i can download for free or do i have to pay, either way, which is the best program for this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  Technotiger 13:28 10 Apr 08
  Miké 15:00 10 Apr 08

AnyDVD click here 21 day trial, does other things that can't be discussed here, excellent.

  Si_L 15:40 10 Apr 08

DVDIdle is the best

  Switcher 15:46 10 Apr 08


  mikeymikeyuk 22:53 10 Apr 08

As far as i have been told, DVD idle does not support windows vista yet...which is the problem i am having as i used it before and still have subscription.

  Si_L 07:53 11 Apr 08

Works fine on mine.

  FatboySlim71 08:17 11 Apr 08

I use AnyDVD, basically you have it running in the background, in the settings for it is an option for you to choose your default region, i.e. the region you want it to use when backing up a DVD or playing a DVD.

For example if you had a region 1 dvd, it would be possible to back it up and play it in a region 2 DVD player/drive as AnyDVD would convert it to region 2 during the copying process.

Also if you set your default region to 2, any DVD's that are played on your computer will be played as if they are indeed region 2 instead of what region they are, and also it will not use one of your drives number of changes each time you played a DVD from another region to what your drive is.

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