What is this problem with Onetel?

  pj123 15:50 06 Dec 04

I was an IT teacher/trainer for a county council but I have now retired. I still have around 10 people I teach privately. Three of these are using Onetel as their ISP, which used to be "@onetel.net.uk" They have now received emails from onetel advising that it is now "@onetel.com" and they should change their settings.

They have all followed the instructions but none of them can receive emails anymore. They can still send emails but can't receive. All they get is a window asking for their ID and Password. When they enter these details and click OK they get the same window again.

I have given 2 of them the Internet Helpline number but both of them have rung me back saying they have followed the "talk through" but it still doesn't work. Should they change their ISP?

Unfortunately, Onetel won't talk to me as I am not the account holder, so I can't help.

Why don't ISPs make it easier to make the changes.

  Cook2 16:30 06 Dec 04

First check POP3 and see if it says POP3.onetel.com or mail.onetel.com
If it's the latter, it used to be, then check SMTP is set the same e.g

SMTP as mail.onetel.com or smtp.onetel.com

This is from memory when I used them before changing to cable.

  SANTOS7 16:41 06 Dec 04

click here
this may help,

  pj123 16:44 06 Dec 04

Cook2, Thanks for that. Have checked and the pop3 addresses and smtp adddresses are correct.

If you send an email to them on @onetel.net.uk they were getting it but with a message from Onetel saying that it has been redirected, and they won't get the redirection after a certain date. That date has now gone and they don't get emails redirected anymore.

  pj123 16:59 06 Dec 04

SANTOS7, that isn't much good. The pop3 addresses are still listed there as onetel.net.uk

They have now changed to onetel.com so have the pop3 addresses changed or not?

  Meshuga 17:00 06 Dec 04

I have recently emailed a cousin who was with onetel and got a message from my ISP that they had redirected my mail because of the change and would not do so after 24 Nov,which explains why I dont get answers from him. He does not get them. I know this doesn`t help you and can only suggest a change of ISP.Regards, Meshuga.

  pj123 17:04 06 Dec 04

Meshuga, I agree exactly with what you say. I have tried many times to get them to change to Broadband. The same old excuse is rolled out. I don't use it enough to warrant Broadband. But how do they know?.

  David4637 17:09 06 Dec 04

POP3 & SMTP should both be -
Mine works OK

  GaT7 17:10 06 Dec 04

No problems here.

Even though mail.onetel.com (for BOTH) should work...

Try these as the settings:

Pop3: mail.onetel.net.uk

Smtp: mail.onetel.net.uk

From the email I received when they asked me to change in July '04:

Q: Do I need to change my mail settings?

A: No, your mail settings will remain the same - mail.onetel.net.uk.

Q: I have changed my mail settings already to mail.onetel.com. Can I still send and receive email now?

A: You will still be able to send or receive mail with these settings, however we would prefer it if you carried on using mail.onetel.net.uk.

  Nipsen 2 17:14 06 Dec 04

My Onetel broadband e-address finishes onetel.net. I am assuming the problem is with dial-up only.

  wildtrout 17:17 06 Dec 04

All email addresses that ended onetel.net.uk have been changed to onetel.com

Incoming mail(POP3) should be set to: mail.onetel.net.uk
Outgoing mail(SMTP0 should also be set to: mail.onetel.net.uk

Mine works OK with these settings but I no longer receive any mail address to my old address which ended @onetel.net.uk
Hopefully I will receive less spam!

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