What Printer? Please Help!!

  hk1 12:22 21 Nov 06

I have an Epson Stylus Photo 830U printer, which to be honest is rubbish! The colours are never true to the image you try to print - the colours are always wrong. It does not matter what I try to do when editing on my software (Photo impression 4, and Picasa 2) nothing seems to work.
Could someone suggest a new printer, reasonably priced for the family to use which is good to print photos / invites / cards, etc.

Thank you

  wee eddie 14:46 21 Nov 06

What paper are you using?

With what are you comparing the colours?

If you are using anything but the highest quality photographic paper you are bound to get colour which are washed out and different from the original.

If you are using a TFT or LCD screen, no printer on earth will match the colours as they are produced in a different way.

  hk1 15:05 21 Nov 06

Thanks Wee eddie
I have tried various grades of paper including photographic paper from Epson. Everything usually comes out green, or with a green tinge. Granted the inkjet paper I use is not the finest - but even text colour in Word differs from the screen pallet, if it is not black. I have a Viewsonic VP181b flat screen which is good. Have you any other suggestions. Thanks

  wee eddie 15:17 21 Nov 06

That green tinge is probably a settings or jet problem.

Have you run the printer's Set-up function lately?

  oldal 09:54 22 Nov 06

Has the printer ever worked correctly ? Are you using Epson or Compatible ink ? . I have one of theses printers and the photographic print quality is excellent.
Re - install all the software and reset back to default settings , let us know how it looks then.

  Peter 16:18 22 Nov 06


It may be that the Gamma setting on you printer is set too high. See my reply to the thread below for how to change your Gamma setting:-

click here


  hk1 19:46 23 Nov 06

Thank you to Wee Eddie, Oldal and Peter for your suggestions and help.

I have changed the Gamma setting as suggested by Peter and this seems to have done the trick!

I take it back about the Epson printer, it was the workman blaming his tool!!


  hk1 19:47 23 Nov 06


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