What is PING?

  MaffPink 15:05 22 Feb 03

Im a bit of a pc novice, please explain what ping is and if i need to be downloading things with a high or low numbered ping.

thanks for your help

  tran1 15:09 22 Feb 03

'Ping' is the time taken for data to go from your computer> to another> and then back again.

Its a term generally used in the online gaming world. The lower the ping rate, the more smoother the action. someone with High ping would experience lag and poor gameplay.

so you should be looking for LOW pings!

  MaffPink 19:41 22 Feb 03

that sorts everything out

thanks alot tran1

  Gemma 00:27 23 Feb 03

Just out of interest, "ping" is a term used with reference to submarine sonar systems. One ping (because that is how it sounds)of the active sonar will give the range and direction to the target but will also tell the target that he has been ranged. This term migrated to TCP/IP use with the DOS program ping.exe which uses the protocol to deduce the route and time a data packet takes to reach it's ultimate address and to be acknowledged. This has become slang for the out/return propagation time for an IP packet. So low pings are good pings.

  beeuuem 00:33 23 Feb 03

This explains all and confirms that Gemma is correct in the origin of the term.

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