What is PFC

  Bowsprit 19:43 24 May 04

Looking at thermaltake PSU's and some of them had this and some not.What is this ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:52 24 May 04

The cynic in me is shouting 'Adspeak!!!@ but here goes......'What is Thermaltake Power Factor Correction (PFC)? It is to attempt to remove and compensate for the effect of leakage inductance that is lost from the output current. Non-PFC gives around 0.5~0.6 Power Frequency while Thermaltake PFC give a more efficient Power Frequency of 0.95~0.99'.


  Mikè 19:52 24 May 04
  Graham ® 19:53 24 May 04

Power Factor Correction. It provides a regulated voltage at various loads.

  Valvegrid 21:09 24 May 04

It's the amount of power required by a resistive load V(voltage)* I(current)= W(power) which gives the power of a resistive load.

With alternating current a different problem arises, called Power Factor because the current is 'out of phase' with respect to the voltage, in the case of an inductor the current 'lags' the voltage of anything up to 90º This is the formula v*I*cosØ the result is that the electricity supply company has to supply much more power than it needs to, so the power factor must be corrected using a device that has an opposite phase to an inductor, in this case a capacitor. This site illustrates it:

click here

For the average home user power factor is not an issue, but for industry it is vital that the power factor is corrected, because the electricity supply company charges the customer for this power that is not corrected and wasted. This becomes a problem when you have an organisation that has thousands of computers connected to the mains supply, it could cost the organisation thousands of pounds in wasted electricity.

  Bowsprit 22:58 24 May 04

Thanks for your VERY detailed replies.All to much for a simple man!It looks like i'll just ignore it when choosing a PSU.Thanks again.

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