What is PCTSPK?

  MIke 18:54 08 Apr 03

I'm running windows XP home edition, sometimes things go at a crawl, when checking task manager I see CPU usage is at 100% even with no programs running. The culprit appears to be PCTSPK.exe. Under processes this shows 99 under CPU I assume this is the %age processing power it is using.
If I re-boot processor use drops to a few percent and all is fine. What is PCTSPK.exe and is it safe to disable it using MSCONFIG?

The exe file is found in the system 32 folder, checking its properties shows it's a pctvoice MFC Application. Is this anything to do with voice recognition? As I do not use any voice recognmition software?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies

  powerless 18:58 08 Apr 03
  MIke 21:03 08 Apr 03

Thanks, Powerless for that link, useful site too.

I'll try disabling and see what happens,

  woodchip 21:21 08 Apr 03

From another site

I have a Latitude C510 running XP. Sometimes when I power up PC, the service PCTSPK.EXE runs at or above 97% of the machine. Research points to this being a driver for the modem speaker. I have a PCTEL 2304WT V.92 MDC Modem. If I stop the service, nothing seems to happen other than system returns to idle. Several message boards in general support sites say to disable this service, just wondering if any Dell users have seen this.

  woodchip 21:24 08 Apr 03

As above

I've had the same experience with a Latitude C610 (XP Pro) PCTSPK.EXE running the CPU to 100 %, I upgraded the modem driver to the latest version PCTel MDC, v.2.50.0041, A09 for the C610 and this has resolved the problem I also upgraded the C610 bios to A13. I retested the modem post driver upgrade on XP Pro and all ok so far.

  MIke 21:34 08 Apr 03

The site that Powerless guided me to, says it's a PCTel modem app, which sometimes takes over the CPU for some reason, they suggest there that this process can be disabled so that's what I've done. Ironically I never use the modem anyway as I prefer to use my external Diamond Supra Express, which always seems to have a higher transfer rate. Maybe I'll just remove the PCTel modem next time I got my case apart!

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