What PC is best for gaming

  Ben-520494 11:57 25 Jul 06

I have a very basic PC and wish to upgrade to a gaming PC what is the best option for about $600 and responses will be appreciated

  Giggle n' Bits 15:04 26 Jul 06

onboard graphics. Plenty of memory say 1GB and at least 120GB is reasonable as games can take loads of space.

  packettracer 17:06 26 Jul 06

Good CPU, at least 1GB of RAM, PCI Express (128MB+) or AGP Craphics (256MB+) Large Hard Drive & a decent monitor.

Saying this i'm not a great gamer myself.

  Ben-520494 17:08 26 Jul 06

wt games do u play racer

  Giggle n' Bits 02:06 01 Aug 06

too big then its a bottle kneck, I admit/agree with packettracer, as todays games are bigger more space helps but I would not recomend striking on loads of em just stick a few on maybe upto 5 get bored and take off then change one or two. but storing them would be a hog.

  wee eddie 08:54 01 Aug 06

Before you do anything.

You say your PC is very basic.

Tell us what you have?

OS, Processor, RAM, graphics and also MOBO would be useful but not essential.

Depending on where you are starting from and what games you would like to play will depend on which Upgrades you will need. You may find that upgrades are pointless if what you have is too basic.

  beauchampboiler 17:46 02 Aug 06

If you want top notch gaming then get at least 1GB RAM and a large hard drive(at least 250GB) and a nVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT graphics card or higher.
Although, this seems to expensive for the price you stated. My PC is not the latest and greatest but it does a good job of playing graphics intensive games such as silent hunter 3. It cost around £500 (don't know what that is in dollors)and has 512Mb RAM, an nVIDIA Geforce 6200 graphics card and an 250GB hard drive.
Its a HP but I don't know the model.
Hope this helps.

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