What other free spyware protection do I need?

  RobCharles1981 15:37 19 Jan 06

Currently using, Spybot, Ad-aware, Microsoft Antispyware, AOL Spyware Protection. Are there any others that I should add too my collection ??

  VoG II 15:41 19 Jan 06


  VoG II 15:41 19 Jan 06
  RobCharles1981 15:47 19 Jan 06

How does that scan for spyware ??

  Skills 15:48 19 Jan 06

It doesnt it helps stop the blasted stuff getting in in the first place

  VoG II 15:50 19 Jan 06

You asked for 'free spyware protection' not spyware scanners.

  RobCharles1981 15:52 19 Jan 06

well either would do don't mind but thanks for the advice Ile give this go


  Belatucadrus 15:53 19 Jan 06

I'll aggree with VoG™ about spyware blaster as an addition as it blocks rather than clears spyware, but four anti spyware scanners ? Overkill I think.

But if you want more there's Spycatcher express click here and Spydefense Beta click here

  Belatucadrus 15:59 19 Jan 06
  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:15 19 Jan 06

You have 4 programmes. These are more than enough. All you need to remember is to be careful in accepting or clicking on anything that you do not understand. If you give a file permission no amount of protection will help (see Spyaxe). MS Antispy and Spybot will be more than enough but you could run Ccleaner click here every week or so to clean out the detrius.


  CurlyWhirly 16:41 19 Jan 06

I personally got rid of AOL Spyware Protection as it kept coming up with false positives.

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