What is OEM?

  laneyxx 20:33 07 Jan 03
  laneyxx 20:33 07 Jan 03

Could someone please explain what OEM is.
I recently bought a copy of Win. XP from an auction site, it was listed as "Full retail version, Boxed, with manual and stickers" When it arrived it was a CD ROM. in a plastic bag. It has "OEM Product" written on label on bag.

  Thin White Duke 20:43 07 Jan 03

I bought exactly the same thing.

OEM basically means 'No Fancy Packaging' hence the cheaper price than a bozed retail version (hence it saves on costs).

  Chris777 20:43 07 Jan 03

It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM products come with just the bare essentials.... an oem modem for example, will come in a plastic bag, with a cable + driver disk. This will be a little cheaper than the same retail item, which will have a nice pretty box, perhaps some instruction booklet of some sort and maybe an extra CD of great programs almost guaranteed to mess up your operating system. It always pays to buy OEM. So as you've probably guessed, your XP disk was *not* a full retail version. Should you care? No !

  billyliv 20:43 07 Jan 03

Hi, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Generally if you buy OEM you do not get any Drivers, manuals etc. Seasoned builders and installers will but OEM as they know how to go about things. Cheers, Bill

  Thin White Duke 20:45 07 Jan 03
  laneyxx 20:52 07 Jan 03

No need to complain then. Thanks everyone.

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