What Monitor should i buy?

  erjorgito 03 Nov 11


I've been shopping around for a good monitor as its time for an upgrade from my Asus AL1917W 19"!

I've got my eyes on a Samsung 2233rz but most reviews only have a 3, 1/2 star rating so im hesitant.

I want a 22" and what too spend inbetween £150-£200, would also like it too look nice

Im pretty clueless on the matter, and just want whatever's the best i can get for that money at the moment

Thanks for your help and anything is appreciated!

  Woolwell 03 Nov 11

Have a look at PCA Review

  buteman 04 Nov 11

A few from Amazon with free delivery.


Or if you want to watch T/V as well go for the Television Monitors.

  buteman 04 Nov 11

Drat it never came out right.Just type Computer Monitors into the Amazon Search Bar.

  Sea Urchin 04 Nov 11

Here's buteman's link again

Amazon monitors

  sharpamat 04 Nov 11

Whatever make you go for, I would suggest if you intend to use it for a long time ( esp with Win 8 out next year ) you look at Touch Screen with a sturdy Stand

  spuds 04 Nov 11

Perhaps not a direct answer to the question, but have a look at some of the reviews on Ebuyer or Amazon.

Watch the price and offers on Ebuyer, because last week I was very interested in a 22" monitor and the price as risen by £20.00 this week. That was a Philips model with all the latest connections.


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