What memory card?

I need to buy an SD Card click here I know I want 128mb but I do not know which one to get. Are there particularly good ones or are they all much of a muchness?

  PA28 19:09 16 Feb 04

I use Compactflash and Smartmedia cards. Some say that there are differences, personally I have yet to find any. It does seem to be important to format the card within your camera, rather than on the PC though.

  Falkyrn 19:21 16 Feb 04

I have found some difficulties with cheaper compactflash cards .. cameras recognise them psion recognises them but card reader refuses to acknowledge them .... there are workabouts of course but they can be a nuisance.

I think if you buy from a good supplier you shouldn't have any real problems the one I've been using recently is Crucial at click here

  Suzuki ITFC 19:27 16 Feb 04

Jessops memory cards are good. I bought a smartmedia card (jessops own make) No probs! Good price.

  Suzuki ITFC 19:45 16 Feb 04

click here

  ton 20:12 16 Feb 04

128 mb SD cards £28-99 from click here

I've got some, they are ok.

  Bagsey 22:09 16 Feb 04

I would go to 7dayshop. Good quality and cheap. If money is a consideration why use an SD card? You could use a Multimedia card a save. But you wont have the ability to write protect your data. I have not so far found this to be a problem

Money isn't a consideration, I just wanted to know if there was a certain make I should get.

  ton 20:05 17 Feb 04

I've used several makes and in practice have never noticed any difference.

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