what to look out for - second hand laptop

  charlton200 23:02 12 May 08

never owned a laptop before or used one, but are thinking of buying a second hand one. Are there things i have to look out for or ask.


  2neat 23:13 12 May 08

many things dependant on what use you will be putting it to. Size of hard drive/RAM, graphics memory, screen size and format, battery life, CPU make & speed, Wireless, bluetooth, colour, USB slots etc etc

  Belatucadrus 23:27 12 May 08

Be wary of battery life, most second hand ones have little if any warranty and replacements will cost the better part of £100.
What's your budget ?

  Belatucadrus 11:05 13 May 08

click here not cutting edge, but may be worth a look.

  Covergirl 12:27 13 May 08

Make sure the power cable isn't damaged - wangle it about a bit when plugged in and check the LED's don't flicker or the laptop dies.

Check the lid opens & closes without the display corrupting or powering down prematurely.

Check it doesn't cut out when it gets too hot.

Check there is no password on the BIOS or ensure you get the password if there is.

Check for dead pixels

Shake it and check it for internal rattles.

Anything else anyone ?

  charlton200 12:57 13 May 08

Thanks for your points.

I should have made more clear what its required for.

It doesn't have to be special, not high end stuff.
A reasonable second hand one thats wireless enabled.
I need it as a backup computer when the other ones in use. To use for general INTERNET use and word processor. Not for watching DVDs or anything. It will always be used on mains.

Would i be able to get something decent for about £120 to £150. Any more and i would get a new one.


  Halmer 13:42 13 May 08

on EBAY if you want to get an idea of what's available. Plenty of excellent XP ones that would meet your need for £100 or so.

  charlton200 19:35 13 May 08

Many thanks

  charlton200 19:40 13 May 08

Little bit worried about buying from ebay.

  Halmer 19:43 13 May 08

Don't necessarily need to buy one from there - but you can have a look at the type of stuff available.

Good luck.

  Ditch999 19:59 13 May 08

2nd hand lappies are not worth it unless you know the person selling and you get some sort of warranty.

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