what is the largest fat32 partion size?

  karmgord 19:26 17 Feb 09

what is the largest fat32 partion size? can i have a single 120gb partion?

  MAJ 19:30 17 Feb 09

1. Up to 2 Terabytes.
2. Yes

  Technotiger 19:32 17 Feb 09
  iqs 19:33 17 Feb 09

With XP and 2000,the OS can only support partitions up to 32GB with FAT32,am I wrong MAJ? :-)

  MAJ 19:40 17 Feb 09

Not quite, iqs, XP can only FORMAT a FAT32 partition of less than 32GB.

  iqs 19:45 17 Feb 09

Right,I stand corrected.

  MAJ 19:52 17 Feb 09

It's a popular misconception, iqs. The problem used to be that old BIOSs used not to be able to see large drives/partitions.

FAT32 only supports file sizes up to 4GB, so if you're planning on storing large files, karmgord, you're much better off with NTFS rather than FAT32. ntfs is more secure and uses space better in any case.

  iqs 19:59 17 Feb 09

So during the install with FAT32,you would create a 32GB primary partition,then format the remaining HDD space from within the OS up to 2 Terabytes ???

Sorry for using your thread karmgord to clarify my original posting,but I'm sure like me you are being educated.

  MAJ 20:21 17 Feb 09

Not really, iqs, XP still wont format FAT32 partitions further than 32GB, you can create more <32GB partitions using XP and format those though, but that's not really useful. To format FAT32 disks and partitions larger than 32GB use a Win 9x floppy bootdisk or a third-party application from within XP, something like mkdosfs click here

  iqs 22:06 17 Feb 09

thanks for your explanation MAJ,makes sense now.

  karmgord 22:27 17 Feb 09

at the moment i have twoFAT32 drives both 73 gb they were formatted using win98se. will i be able to format a single FAT32 partion on a 120gb drive using win98se format?

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