What laptop/netbook? What software?

  Plotholder 07 Aug 11

My friend - recently retired is off again to do charity work in an orphanage in South Africa. She wants a small laptop/netbook (emails,word processing, downloading pics.

What machine and more important - what software to keep her machine safe on open networks out there?

  chub_tor 08 Aug 11

It would help if we knew a bit more about where and how the PC will be used. You say that it needs to be a small laptop or netbook, is that because portability is an issue? Will she be moving it around a lot so that weight is important? Will she be working in areas where mains power is limited or intermittent so that battery life is an issue? You mention network activity, will the laptop be connected wirelessly or via an ethernet cable? Is cost an issue, if so what is her budget?

Any of these factors will affect recommendations for both software and hardware.

  Plotholder 09 Aug 11

She is returning for the 3rd time to Masigcine, near Cape Town. Weight is not too much of a problem but rugged and security are. I believe wifi is at the hostel and at some cafe's

  chub_tor 09 Aug 11

In which case I would choose this Asus Click Here. For the price it is reasonably rugged, the hard drive is somewhat protected from shocks and the keyboard is spill proof. As for protection software BitDefender Internet Security Click Here at £30 is recommended by many.


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