What kind of Memory card is the best for my camera

  Antonio Machado 17:25 03 Apr 09

Hello experts !

I am considering buying this Canon Digital Camera, here the link:

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I have two questions for you my friends:

(a) it says that it does accept D/SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MMC Plus Card and HC MMC Plus Card. Which is the best one I could get mostly for taking pictures and for ocasional family videos ? are they all the same ? I sent an e-mail to Canon and they just told me they all work fine, but not what kind of Memory Card is the best one. Not manufacturers, no capacities, but just the kind of card, the type of card. Could you please explain me more about the differences between them ?

(b) although I like this model I am open to other options, which other ones do you think I should take a look at, given the use I will make of it just for family pictures and small videos ?

Thank you very much in advance for your insights and suggestions. Best regards from New Jersey, Antonio Machado.

  bluto1 19:36 03 Apr 09


  UK Sub 19:39 03 Apr 09

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I personally would go for the SDHC card
Same as SD but High Capacity (hence SDHC)

Its very widely supported
Up to 64GB capacity - 8GB is fine for me on a two week holiday (mainly photos on a fine setting - video will eat up your available space alot more than photos).

The Sandisk brand is as good as any

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  mfletch 19:44 03 Apr 09

As above Sandisk but I would buy 2 8gb

This way you can be using one in the camera and downloading the other to your computer,

  jack 20:12 03 Apr 09

It is all very well being seduced by a big capacity card - but if it goes titsup or gets dropped down a drain [has been known] you are stuffed= and it may well be the record of that world cruise.

  hssutton 20:32 03 Apr 09

32Mb of movies will give you approx 15 seconds of video or 30 if you use the LP mode. So I would say go for the SDHC cards.

Also there's not much point in buying a 9Mp camera and using a low setting. 32Mb of memory will produce approx 7 images on the top quality setting.

  Antonio Machado 03:41 04 Apr 09

Thanks for your suggestions, all of them very helpful. Best, Antonio Machado.

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