what and how many firewalls to use

  MIKE. 19:23 03 Feb 06

Sorry folks if this may seem a somewhat frivolous question, but how many firewalls are too many. I use a BT Wireless Network 1250 router with a built in firewall and still have the windows XP security firewall enabled this arrangement does not seem to cause me any problems. Is this one too many firewall or should also install zone alarm. As I said probobly a silly question but I do not know the answer.

  woodchip 19:25 03 Feb 06


  MIKE. 19:27 03 Feb 06

Thaks woodchip concise and to the point.

  woodchip 19:27 03 Feb 06

ZoneAlarm Free version, it's as good as you will get

  SG Atlantis® 19:30 03 Feb 06

Zone Alarm free edition.

only ever have ONE firewall on your computer!

  Mytob 19:31 03 Feb 06

yes with two they will get tied up in knots and cause you ALOT of problems. if you get one disable the windows firewall.

  MIKE. 19:32 03 Feb 06

Thanks everyone for your help question cleard

  anskyber 19:32 03 Feb 06

Zone Alarm and so easy to use.

  woodchip 19:32 03 Feb 06
  Smiler 19:36 03 Feb 06

Install one(I have Zone Alarm free) on your computer(to cover programs or virus's etc trying to access the 'net) plus the one in the router(which covers DOS attacks etc)

  Smiler 19:37 03 Feb 06

PS if you install ZA don't forget to disable XP's firewall :-)

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