What is the HDMI connection in the laptop exactly?

  JUSTDANCE 13:49 27 Dec 09

Im going to buy a new laptop, and have seen the port with HDMI written above it.

What is this for exactly?
Will the cable come with it? If not, how much is it?

Does this mean my laptop is a HD Laptop?.
Does it mean that the laptop can write HD Blu Ray discs?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:03 27 Dec 09

It probably means you can connect it to a HMDI connection on the TV

Unlikely you have a HD Blu ray RW

but may have Blu ray reader that writes normal DVds it will be marked on the DVD tray

  howard64 14:07 27 Dec 09

I have recently had to replace my graphics card for my desktop and the new card has an hdmi socket and I have connected an hdmi cable from this to my tv and it works fine. I have to press the source button on the tv remote and select hdmi. Nothing has to be done on the pc other than plugging in the hdmi cable for the signal to pass to the tv. The HDMI cable was from Amazon and about £6.

  JUSTDANCE 14:14 27 Dec 09

Thanks for that information mate. It really helps, as ive scanned the internet and found nothing but people asking the same questions as me!.

So does this mean the film i will play has to be a HD film? Or can i play a normal DVD?

Is it possible to have a HD Film on your computer?
And through this wire, will i be able to View that HD Film on the HD TV??

  howard64 16:28 27 Dec 09

lots of questions - if your set is hd ok then you can see hd on it provided of course that the source is hd quality. More importantly you need the dvd writer to be blu ray for it to record blu ray. Only the very top priced units would have a blu ray recorder installed. eg built in dvd writer about £10 for a system builder to buy and about £80 for the blu ray equivalent.

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